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About V Town House

V Town House is a well-designed
complex of town houses,
the name itself contains a vision with
meaningful description about the
town house background, we prefer our
customers to play with their
imagination to understand more about
our vision and feel the message that
nature trying to tell us, because it’s
about how you feel it.

The Benefit

  • The investment value will increase +/- 10% per year.
  • Near to University, potentially rent to student
  • Strategic location (near to University Pembangunan Jaya, Bintaro Xchange Shopping mall, Jurangmangu train station and highway city)
  • Surrounded by 70% of green areas with paddy fields view and good atmosphere air circulation
  • Concept of a SOHO
  • The contour land gives a lifestyle of having a house on a valley in city of Jakarta.

Vtownhouse Master Plan

Vtownhouse Tahap 2


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