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Our Vision & Concept

V Townhouse has an integrated development featuring a people-first design that enables and enhances human interactions with space and the environment.

Located in the wooded Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan suburbs, and surrounded with thriving social activities, V Townhouse is located within short distance to schools, businesses, and shopping centers, such as Pembangunan Jaya Kindergarten School, Tunas Indonesia School, Global Jaya School,  X Change Mall, Bintaro Plaza.
V Townhouse reflects comfortable, compact urban living with convenient access to the city. Complete with beatiful views, the “V”offer ergonomically functional residential construction with Nice Contour, Beautiful and serenity Views and as well as a modern aesthetic and provide chance to live with an environment that is conceptualized and designed with nature in mind.

V Concept

The concept of the town house itself has been conceive with  V logo from the beginning which generate the gap between houses to ensure the air circulation flow in every houses and the residences.

*the blue signs in the picture indicates the air flow that circulates to every houses.

V Design

The design itself contains a lot of V elements in every aspect starting from the land ground to the roof of every houses, this unique designs was intentionally made to synchronize every aspect in this residential area.